Are Golf Carts Allowed on Pawleys Island?

One of the questions we get asked frequently is whether or not golf carts are allowed on Pawleys Island.

Yes, golf carts are allowed on Pawleys Island however, before you jump on your cart, you’ll want to know the regulations attached to golf cart rides on the island so you keep yourself out of trouble and from snagging a costly ticket.

First and foremost, if your golf cart is registered as a low-speed vehicle or LSV you are not allowed on the island.
LSVs are prohibited.

Next, your golf cart MUST have an SC Department of Motor Vehicles AND Town of Pawleys Island Sticker. You can get your Town of Pawleys Island sticker from Pawleys Island Town Hall by completing a golf cart permit application here. It’s important to note, Pawleys Island won’t issue a permit to everyone. In order to get approved, the registration of your golf cart must be within a 2-mile radius of town limits on the North or South Causeway.

The driver of the golf cart must…

  • Be at least 16 years old and be in possession of a driver’s license
  • Have an SCDMV registration certificate and proof of liability insurance.

Golf Cart Rules for Pawleys Island, SC

Golf carts may not be operated at night. Golf carts cannot be driven in the rain or at any other time when visibility is limited. All drivers of golf carts are required to read the Town of Pawleys Island laws related to golf carts. The golf cart laws can be found in the Town’s Ordinances, which are on this Website.

Please call 843-237-1698 for information regarding the Town’s golf cart permits.

In 2016, Pawleys Island started requiring golf cart permits. According to the 2016 Town Administrator, Ryan Fabbri said parking problems forced Pawleys Island to come up with a solution. “People come onto the island with their golf cart, and they don’t think that golf carts need to abide by the same parking rules as a vehicle,” said Fabbri

You can read the full story and history of the newer requirement here.

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